MOONWAVE ✩ remake (prod. PegLeg)

from by Moon Bear

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Ocean washing over me
Motions, currents undersea
Moon waves tidal phase
Ocean washing over me
Goddess watching over me
Goddess watching over me
Sisters, take my hand
Let’s shake the earth and set her free
Set her free, Let her be
Build her castles undersea
Coral reef, crystal beads
Armies built with hearts that bleed
Warriors of the water
Dragon kings, Celestial things
Fend the Kingdom of the Sea

용궁을 찾으면
사신의 백성들
청룡의 눈물을
달님의 얼굴에
그속에 당신은
무었을 느끼나요?
영혼의 빛을 바라볼수록
너의 얼굴이 밝아지네
너무 아름다워
너는 아름다워

Feel the tides
Lapping my body
Never lonely
I am never lonely
Stars falling
On my body
Rain gathers on my belly
Weight of the world is heavy
But I’m always ready
Yeah I’m always ready
In my dreams, I’m awake
Universal give and take
Information seeping through me
Premonitions, using my intuition
Coughing on beat
Know when it’s time to speak
Some things aren’t meant to be
Yeah it’s time to see
Reoccurring nightmares?
Wonder what the hell that means
Let go of your fears
Time to show your tears
Giving way to the unfamiliar
Strange demons down the river
See the body of a killer
Hold up, this face is familiar
Looking into an abyss
I forgot that I exist
What the fuck are hands and wrists?
As a ghost I was convinced
Yet knew not to resist
Embrace your shadow
All the depths and the hollows
Down the alley realize that I’m followed
In the camo, getting ready with my ammo
Automatic knee-jerk bullets to the head
Going back in time looping in now I’m dead
Suicide suicide
Reflect reflexes
My body dissolves, my mind crucified
Matter resolved
soul purified, Psychic suicide
Know no hunger, know no pain
Eternal rest eternal peace
Opened eyes and I release

용궁을 찾으면
사신의 백성들
청룡의 눈물을
달님의 얼굴에
그속에 당신은
무었을 느끼나요?
영혼의 빛을 바라볼수록
너의 얼굴이 밝아지네
너무 아름다워
너는 아름다워

When we find the Dragon Palace
Angel of Death's people,
and the Blue Dragon's tears
Can be seen through
the moon's face
Inside it, what do you feel?
When I see your soul's light
Your face gets brighter
Very beautiful
You're beautiful


from MOON WAVY, released March 17, 2016
prod. Peg Leg



all rights reserved


Moon Bear New York, New York

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