by Moon Bear

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released March 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Moon Bear New York, New York

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Track Name: MOON CAKES ✩ (feat. Bby Bangz)
I’m a bad student
smoking grass
cutting class
i’m a bad student
eating ass
sipping fast
i’m a bad student

i got asian parents
but I’m still a high school truant
i get lewd with all this nudity
dream so lucidly
smoke loosies with me
get some from the corner store
eat before you drink some more
think some more
of what’s come before
ticking lores
my mind i do explore
your body i explore
you implore
i’m a foreign ho
looking for some dick looking for some mo
her pussy juicy i was told before
gotta taste some more
lick it some more
click the clit some mo
while i hit that clip
hit that clit
in his whip
yeah baby let’s ride around
far away from here
run away from here
don’t tell mama that i’m queer
girl let’s sip some beer
get your body near
want your booty here
need you like right now
like a flowerbed of lotus flowers
kundalini you empower
love juices i devour
like a waterfall
your love my one and only call
my body's tingling from sensations
going thru reincarnations
it’s like i’m under a spell
i cannot tell
are you a magical girl?
i love u with those curls
baby girl
you put me under your spell
mamacita so thick
ditch him and steal his whip
move on to the next crib
fuck it, i aint leaving with no tip
stupid boys make me so sick
but when i’m with you
love the trouble i get into
double trouble toil and trouble
bubble cuddles oils and hustles
double trouble toil and trouble

I’m a bad student
Track Name: 너와 나 (for Sophia ✿)
언젠간 너를 볼수있을까?
비행기 타고 날아, 빨리 내게로와
반달곰처럼 마음엔 달님빛과
찹살떡 맛있는것 먹을것 다 있잖아
있잖아, 우리는 멀리서도 똑같은 달을 보잖아
아닌가? 시간이 흐를수록
땅끝에 주름이 보여
그속에 담긴 추억들
산속에 옹달셈 지혜를 마셔봐
할렐루야 관셈보살
세계의 속삭임을 잘 들어봐
인생의 수수께끼 맞추는게 더 재밌잖아?
안 그런가? 너와 나
달나라 함께 가 영원히
너는 내 꿈속에 태어나
천사날개달고 날아갔지
몇일 후, 난 잠에서깨서
우산들고 용왕님이 날보고
은도끼냐 금도끼냐
내가 찾고있는 존재는 하나뿐
너와 함께 자궁나와
돌봐줬던 언니지
너와 나
달나라 함께 가
Track Name: MOONWAVE ✩ remake (prod. PegLeg)
Ocean washing over me
Motions, currents undersea
Moon waves tidal phase
Ocean washing over me
Goddess watching over me
Goddess watching over me
Sisters, take my hand
Let’s shake the earth and set her free
Set her free, Let her be
Build her castles undersea
Coral reef, crystal beads
Armies built with hearts that bleed
Warriors of the water
Dragon kings, Celestial things
Fend the Kingdom of the Sea

용궁을 찾으면
사신의 백성들
청룡의 눈물을
달님의 얼굴에
그속에 당신은
무었을 느끼나요?
영혼의 빛을 바라볼수록
너의 얼굴이 밝아지네
너무 아름다워
너는 아름다워

Feel the tides
Lapping my body
Never lonely
I am never lonely
Stars falling
On my body
Rain gathers on my belly
Weight of the world is heavy
But I’m always ready
Yeah I’m always ready
In my dreams, I’m awake
Universal give and take
Information seeping through me
Premonitions, using my intuition
Coughing on beat
Know when it’s time to speak
Some things aren’t meant to be
Yeah it’s time to see
Reoccurring nightmares?
Wonder what the hell that means
Let go of your fears
Time to show your tears
Giving way to the unfamiliar
Strange demons down the river
See the body of a killer
Hold up, this face is familiar
Looking into an abyss
I forgot that I exist
What the fuck are hands and wrists?
As a ghost I was convinced
Yet knew not to resist
Embrace your shadow
All the depths and the hollows
Down the alley realize that I’m followed
In the camo, getting ready with my ammo
Automatic knee-jerk bullets to the head
Going back in time looping in now I’m dead
Suicide suicide
Reflect reflexes
My body dissolves, my mind crucified
Matter resolved
soul purified, Psychic suicide
Know no hunger, know no pain
Eternal rest eternal peace
Opened eyes and I release

용궁을 찾으면
사신의 백성들
청룡의 눈물을
달님의 얼굴에
그속에 당신은
무었을 느끼나요?
영혼의 빛을 바라볼수록
너의 얼굴이 밝아지네
너무 아름다워
너는 아름다워

When we find the Dragon Palace
Angel of Death's people,
and the Blue Dragon's tears
Can be seen through
the moon's face
Inside it, what do you feel?
When I see your soul's light
Your face gets brighter
Very beautiful
You're beautiful
Track Name: Wish I Could B Yr White GF ❤︎ (prod. JStewOnTheBeat)
Wish i could be ur white girl friend
Snorting white off my anus girl friend
Dolezal wish u well girl friend
Know u love those light skinned girls girl friend
Passing remarks to ur mother girl friend
Make fun of ur chinky eyes girl friend
When ur stoned in the zone girl friend
Dunno what slavery means girl friend
Mazarati kamikaze girlfriend
Fetishizing ur ass type of girlfriend
Voted for trump then took a dump girlfriend
Put no season on ur chicken girlfriend
Put the soy sauce on the white rice
First world problems got me stressed out girl friend
Hold my dreads while i give head girlfriend
Went to asia saving children girlfriend
Now im off to africa type girlfriend
Twerking to trap im your white girlfriend
Watch me as i nay nay white girlfriend
Omg i love iggy girlfriend
In my past life i was black type girlfriend
Kamikaze illuminati
Wish i was ur white girlfriend girl friend

Sorry im not sorry
All these rap hos tryna kick it with them bandz
Im not with the plan
And u think u the man
Fuck using women
Think u look rich?
when u a lil bitch
Quit playing pretend
own up to what u represent
Shout outs to women of color
Yeah i kno those boys don’t bother
They dunno what love is
They just all capitalists
All of them can drink my piss
I dont care if u are pissed
Preferences dont exist
All u hos fucking racist
Just be honest with urself
Look at you and ur self wealth
why u selling out urself
Track Name: p o lly
U make me feel like a ho yo
Im out here eating my froyo
I know what i am dont need u to understand
jealous bitch cuz my love be limitless
Aint tryna put u to the test
Pay no attention to the past
Shit's real and things dont last yea
dont think about her when im with you
Not tryna act cool im just a love fool
Time's r ruff for cute girls
Thats why we gotta be tuff
No playin with no bluff yea
Fixed up and chin up
Dressed up like yung buck
Got no money? thats tuff luck
Boy im not here to waste my time
Lets talk about our feelings
Dreams that are healing
Spend evenings looking at the ceiling
We chillin
Been trill and
Sharing stories like lovers do
Get matching tattoos lol wut
Poke each other on the butt
But but
U know u aint the only one
Im exclusive to all and none

How u feel about that?

I need a new definition of love
Something i can be proud of
Devoid of judgement
No self resentment
Guess im indulgent
I like to experiment
Ambivalent temperament
Open to possibilities
My body be read differently
No body is innocent
Decaying ligaments
not immune to premonitions

own no one and no one owns me
All a part of each other
thats how its meant to be
Thats how its meant to be
Track Name: 여친구함
Look at me i’m such a fag
take a hit, then take a drag
pussy licking’s what i lack
fuck this laptop fuck a lag
tryna play some maple story
irl so fucking boring
self hatred never lacking
on my ass I’m always slacking
feels like I’m funny only
when I’m lurking
in the 2D, I’m too deep
got no sleep
i love sweets
smell my feet
use all cheats
dammit im so lonely
got these ponies
for so cheap
im a creep
i need sleep
i need weed

someone give me some affection
someone show me some attention
sending nudes laborious
panties wet and pussy crust
pizza crusty stomach lusty
for some ramen tell my mama
im so sorry for the things i can’t become
wish i could level up
cuz i dont wanna break up
all these feelings build up
my issues need a clean up
hate being grown up
cuz u know I’m a fuck up
everyday i wake up
wonder how things ended up

spend my day reading webtoons
feel like im close to my roots
who the fuck am i kidding
I’m nothing like it, I’m tripping
i’m a foreigner, wherever
fuck it, I’m a loner
through this screen you cannot tell
my smell or my outer shell
anxious from all the eyes
looking at me with all their lies
I’m just trying to live my life
마음의소리 im not sorry
i just wish i could escape my damn emotions
kill it off with purple potions